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J-Rock Texas

Texans Who Love J-rock
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Yes I know, another J-Rock community. Yet, this is for residents of Texas to get together and share the love with others that may be (or not be as large as this state is...) close to each other. We all have two things in common here: We're Texan and love J-rock.

.Membership Policy.
In order to cut down the access of trolls, this community is set to moderated membership. I have the right to deny anyone access to this community if I suspect s/he to be a troll.

This especially applies to those without ANY journal entries (f-locked or not.) on their journal.


1. The obvious: j-rock fan, Live in Texas (as the purpose is to bring Texas J-rock fans together, specifically)

2. BE. NICE. If not? Be prepared to get whacked with a spoon.

3. When file sharing, PLEASE FRIENDS LOCK IT. I cannot stress this enough. It is a security issue, so just do it okay? -Scans/caps count as file sharing and should be treated as such-. Especially regarding bands licensed in the U.S.

4. This is for J-rock. Please leave pop at the door. Artists that blur the line, such as Ayumi Hamasaki, T.M.Revolution, Gackt (you KNOW a lot of that stuff is poppy...don't deny it)...etc...are okay. Techno groups such as Schwarz Stien are okay. (same thing applies to Korean bands that do Japanese songs ex: The TRAX)

5. Stay on topic...somehow.


Maintainer/Admin: haiiro

If this community gets big enough, I'll bring out a call for actual moderater crew. If things stay friendly enough, then it shouldn't be needed.