Haiiro -灰色- (haiiro) wrote in jrock_texas,
Haiiro -灰色-

Update on Dir en grey's Dallas Show

Dir en grey's management announced on Facebook that the Dallas show has been changed to "all ages." Although, tour listings are still showing it as 18+


Some of you will rejoice, and some of you will groan.

I groaned, but that's only 'cause the younger spectrum is really irritating at that sort of concert. The 14 year-olds of the annoying, weaboo sort.

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I must agree.
Damn, wish I had money and I'd go see them play. I'm gonna go see Gakudo though, even though they're a new vk band but I'm always looking for new vk bands to listen to.

The omg weaboo? Or just 14 year olds in general? >.>' I'm going to a con this month so yay...I'll get to put up with 14 year old fan girls and boys as I'm doing cosplay. Oh boy.